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Ecowise Rubberise is a company that has the longevity of your roof in mind. Our Eco Rubber membrane is waterproofing at its best. The membrane has several functions and benefits that will leave you impressed.

Eco rubber is a unique coating that has been specially engineered to give your roof the best protection there is. The coating is a once off application that extends the life of your roof. The strong, puncture resistant membrane is great for waterproofing and protecting your roof from UV and corrosion damage.

The one coat applications make Eco Rubber the cost-effective choice as you need not keep reapplying the coat. It does not require much surface preparation before application and can also be applied to most materials.

Ecowise Rubberise has your best interests at heart. Your roof is your protection and so we’d like to make sure it can protect you for as long as possible, problem free. Contact us now to find out more about our unique roof coating.

What makes Eco Rubber unique?

Eco Rubber is an asphalt emulsion or Acrylic polymer emulsion coating engineered to provide exceptional adhesive, elastic & protective properties

Performance Benefits

Superior Performing Eco Membrane, Bonds to most construction materials.

Industrial Involvement

Eco Rubber products are widely used in multiple industries.


Encapsulation & Variety of Colours


Corrosion & chemical resistant


Waterproofing & UV Resistant


Spray or Brush Applied


Cures into seamless membrane


100% Lead Free & Low VOC's

Our Client Base

We have a wide national client base ranging from private & corporate, industrial & residential.


Waterproofing at it’s best with EcoWise Rubberise.

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