3 Reasons Eco Rubber is the best product

Eco rubber is an acrylic polymer emulsion that has been designed to provide adhesive, elastic and protective properties to keep your roof in great condition. This one coat coating doesn’t require much preparation on the surface for application. There are many reasons Eco rubber is the best product to use when waterproofing.


Why choose Ecowise Rubberise

Ecowise Rubberise is a company driven to provide quality engineered eco rubber coating for all your waterproofing needs. They strive to give you a product that is unique and will last you longer than expected. Their Eco Rubber membrane is waterproofing that offers several functions and benefits. 


Different Waterproofing methods

Different waterproofing methods can be selected according to the level of water damage and preference in terms of waterproofing systems. Waterproofing prevents moisture from penetrating your walls. This moisture can lead to a build-up of mold and negatively affect our health and the structural integrity of the house. The space being unhealthy and supported by a weak foundation due to the water damage can negatively impact the value of your property. Here are a few common types of waterproofing methods.


Waterproofing protects your home from water damage caused by rain and moisture

Mold, mildew and bacteria grow in warm and moist places such as roofs or basements. Many people are sensitive to mold and mildew and can become ill from the slightest exposure. Waterproofing your property will protect you and your loved ones from the damage caused by rain and moisture.


We don’t just coat your roof we rubberize it

Rubber coating or rubberizing is a widely used process of coating in various applications. This protective coating is applied onto a substrate or an object for protective, decorative or functional purposes. Of great essence in the selection of coating materials, is the rubber coating medium. This type of coating is used on many elastomeric components. Rubber is a highly preferred material for coating application because it is resistant to mechanical wear and tear, and is also resistant to the influence of strong aggressive environments.


Eco Rubber is used for Waterproofing and allows for maximum protection

Eco Rubber is a waterproofing coat that has elastic, adhesive, and protective properties. It is a great choice for waterproofing and has an abundance of benefits. Once installed, it cures into a seamless membrane. Here’s a few reasons why installing Eco Rubber is the best choice for you:


We identify and solve all roof waterproofing problems

Roofs are an element of any home or building that should be protected. If a roof is left to weather the storm on its own, you may encounter a few problems. It is important to waterproof your roof to avoid interior damage. When waterproofing a home or building, it is important to have it done properly or you may encounter roof waterproofing problems. Here are some problems that could be encountered:


Waterproofing at it’s best with EcoWise Rubberise.

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