What Makes Eco Rubber Unique?

Eco Rubber is a one coat acrylic polymer emulsion that has been specially engineered to provide adhesive, elastic and protective properties that will keep your roof in great condition for an extended period of time. The surface preparation in order to apply the coating is quite minimal and so it does not require much strenuous labour.

Eco Rubber can be sprayed or brushed on in order to get into those hard to reach places and to avoid missing some spots that, if left unattended, can damage your roof. Once the coating has been applied, it cures into a seamless membrane that is perfect for protection.

The membrane has several benefits, one of which is its waterproofing capabilities. Once applied and cured, Eco Rubber is puncture resistant which is ideal for waterproofing. Eco Rubber is also made of a very strong material that can withstand the constant exposure to UV rays and is also capable of withstanding exposure to chemicals and corrosion.

Eco Rubber is the primary choice when it comes to looking after your roof and simultaneously looking after the environment. The coating does not emit toxins in the air and is not harmful to anybody or anything that encounters it.

What makes Eco Rubber unique?

  • Eco Rubber is an asphalt emulsion or Acrylic polymer emulsion coating engineered to provide exceptional adhesive, elastic & protective properties
  • Spray or brush applied at ambient temperature
  • Cures into a seamless membrane
  • Waterproofing
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Encapsulation

Waterproofing at it’s best with EcoWise Rubberise.

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